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This Agreement is meant exclusively for Homebuyers who (1) want to restructure their Student Loans, (2) want the removal of items listed in the DO NOT PAY LIST, (3) have less than 680 Credit Scores, (4) wish to increase their Credit Scores by hiring the services of Credit Supplement providers who insert Alternative Credit History such as Rental Payment History, Utilities Payments History, etc. on Credit Reports.

This Refundable Retainer is not to be construed as an Application Fee.

NO GUARANTEES: (1) cannot and does not guarantee the services of Credit Supplements Providers. (2) cannot and does not guarantee the successful restructuring of Student Loans. (3) cannot and does not guarantee the removal of items listed in the DO NOT PAY LIST.

The Costs of Credit Supplements is paid directly to Service Providers out of Buyer's own Funds:

I.- Report 2 Years of Rental History. Individual ($145.00) with spouse ($170.00)

II.- Report Utilities Payment History ($36.00). Our Preferred Lender will enroll you.

III.- Report Mobile Phones Payment ($36.00). Our Preferred Lender will enroll you.

IV.- Report Car Insurance Payment History ($36.00). Our Preferred Lender will enroll you.

The approximate cost of Restructuring Delinquent or Defaulted Student Loans is typically $750.00. This fee is currently being waived; this fee is currently $0.00 Our Preferred Lender will enroll you.

This Agreement is entered on __________ by and between _________________________________________________ (Homebuyer)

Telephone(____________) ____________ - ______________ Address ____________________________________________________________________

email ____________________________________________________

and 940 Sweetwater Lane. Boca Raton, FL 33431 (888) 386-3694

1. EXCLUSIVE RIGHT: Buyer gives the exclusive right to work with & assist Buyer in securing funds allocated for Down Payment and/or Closing Costs for the acquisition of suitable real property.

The term "acquire" or "acquisition" includes any purchase, option, exchange, lease or other acquisition of an ownership or equity interest in real property. 

2. TERM: The terms of this Agreement will begin on ____________________ and will terminate at 11:59PM 6 months thereafter.

However, if Buyer enters into an agreement to acquire property that is pending on the termination Date, this Agreement will continue in effect until that transaction has closed or otherwise terminated. 

3. PROPERTY: Buyer is interested in acquiring real property as follows or as otherwise acceptable to Buyer ("Property"):

Type of property: _______________________ City ____________________________________  County ________________________________

_________ Purchase Price Range. ___________________

4. FUNDMYHOME.ORG'S OBLIGATIONS: (a) Down Payment Assistance. will use its professional knowledge & skills; assist Buyer in determining the Dollar Amount of his/her Potential Eligibility; discuss needs analysis, monitor deadlines & cooperate with real estate licensees working with sellers, if any, to effect a transaction. Buyer understands that is not compensated by Buyers or Sellers. (b) Fair Housing. adheres to the principles expressed in the Fair Housing Act & will not participate in any act that unlawfully discriminates on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, country of national origin or any other category protected under federal, state or local law. (c) Service Providers; does not warrant or guarantee products or services provided by any third party whom, at Buyer’s request, refers or recommends in connection with property acquisition.

5. BUYER’S OBLIGATIONS: Buyer agrees to cooperate with in accomplishing the objectives of this efforts to locate and transact suitable property only through's preferred Real Estate Brokers and Preferred Mortgage Lenders. (a) Being available to meet with's Preferred Realtors and Lenders at reasonable times for consultations and to view properties. (b) Indemnifying and holding harmless from and against all losses, damages, costs and expenses of any kind, including attorney’s fees, and from liability to any person, that incurs because of acting on Buyer’s behalf. (c) Not asking or expecting to restrict the acquisition of a property according to race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, and country of national origin or any other category protected under federal, state or local law. (d) Consulting an appropriate professional for legal, tax, environmental, engineering, foreign reporting requirements and other specialized advice. 

6. RETAINER: The Refundable Retainer paid by Homebuyers to when Homebuyers require Credit Supplement Services, or Student Loan Restructuring Services, the ("Retainer") is typically $495.00  

As of Jun 01, 2020, there is $0.00 Retainer due from Buyer as this fee has been temporarily waived until further notice.

Therefore, upon final execution of this Agreement, Buyer will not have pay said Refundable Retainer. Normally, this Refundable Retainer is refundable only in such case that finds itself unable to approve Down Payment assistance for Buyer and is credited to Buyer towards Buyer's Closing Costs at closing of Buyer's purchase of real property through the assistance of's preferred Realtors as specified in this Agreement. 

The cost associated with -CREDIT SUPPLEMENTS, DO NOT PAY LIST, or the re-structuring of STUDENT LOANS is separate from the Refundable Retainer Fee. 

7. EARLY TERMINATION: Buyer may terminate this Agreement at any time by written notice to but will remain responsible for paying’s Retainer, at which point of cancellation the Retainer becomes non-Refundable and at which event Buyer releases from all further obligations under this Agreement. 

8. NO GUARANTEES: cannot and does not guarantee that Buyer will receive financing from any of's preferred lenders. 

9. DISPUTE RESOLUTION: Any irresolvable dispute between Buyer and will be mediated. If a settlement is not reached in mediation, the matter will be submitted to binding arbitration in accordance with the rules of the American Arbitration Association or other mutually agreeable arbitrator. 

10. SPECIAL CLAUSES: There are NO Special Clauses to this agreement 

11. ACKNOWLEDGMENT; MODIFICATIONS: Buyer has read this Agreement and understands its contents. This Agreement can only be changed by written consent from 

Acknowledged by:

Understood and Acknowledged by _______________________________________________ (Buyer's Signature) ______________ (Date)

Accepted by:

Understood and Accepted by _____________________________________________________ (Buyer's Signature)_______________ (Date)



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